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In 1930, successfully developed the world's first vice can protect the pilot's eyes from cheap ray bans, green lens sunglasses, both to prevent glare and can prevent ultraviolet radiation, but also to maintain a clear visual aspect good vision, much welcomed by American pilots and U.S. Air Force named the ray ban outlet.

In 1937, the cheap ray bans company officially put the glasses into the market, and changed its name to "Ray-Ban". During World War II, Ray Ban glasses sunglasses by the government as a standard, this sunglasses to the USAF combat mission really brought a lot of convenience, some people even call Ray-Ban is the Allies win World War II one of the hero. Initially, the new invention is just the pilot's goggles glasses, and later found that it really can absorb maximum sunlight, at least divergence of the heat, but also to maintain good visual clarity capacity in ray ban outlet, in the military trial, the result is Very satisfied, then gradually in the U.S. to promote open. During World War II, wearing a leather jacket, American pilots often wear a new chic sunglasses, access to many countries and regions in the world, giving people the impression of a bold, chic impression, with the words now, very obstinate, then became popular factor.

In 1936, Bausch & Lomb will be introduced to the general public of sunglasses, but in its early sales displays, most people have little interest in Ray Ban sunglasses. In this regard with cheap ray bans, Bausch & Lomb was not discouraged by their analysis, the Ray-Ban sunglasses made some small changes, once again pushed into the market. Contrary to the company's expectations, this slight modifications of Ray Ban sunglasses, not only prices soared, and has become one of the most popular was the best-selling hit. At that time, the men said the United States is almost always a Ray Ban sunglasses outlet, and wear this mirror to show their mettle MAN. Developed later, the ladies have also ubiquitous ball to Ray Ban sunglasses, while the U.S. pretty ladies wearing Ray Ban sunglasses actually there is a different style, particularly striking and full of charm.

Into the 1940s, Ray-Ban outlet is the U.S. Air Force to produce a reflective mirror sunglasses have tilt, giving users maximum eyesight protection. During World War II, American pilots dressed in leather jacket, wearing a chic new Ray-Ban sunglasses in the world, its chic valiant image, greatly enhance the Ray-Ban sunglasses in the world popularity. At that time, even the United States admiral of a MacArthur often wear sunglasses, Ray-Ban is the product. And ZIPPO lighters, experienced World War II Ray-Ban sunglasses has become one of the symbols of the U.S. military, and after the war as a fashion product, quickly swept the globe. As time goes on, more and more popular cheap ray bans sunglasses, and gradually by the fashion jewelry, into daily life essentials.

20 In the 1950s, Ray-Ban has introduced to the market multicolored lenses and fashion sunglasses large frame, together with a female sunglasses series. The 1960s, Ray-Ban lenses cracking advent of its rugged style design sunglasses and stylish. 70s, Ray-Ban sunglasses can be introduced in a different color light for the wearer to provide the most clear visual sense. Mid-1980s, Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" in the classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses to wear shape has swept the world, setting off another wave Ray Ban sunglasses heat. Thereafter, in recognition of Ray-Ban for outstanding contribution to fashion, Association of American popular awarded substantial weight to its design awards.

From brand creation date, Ray-Ban has been the world's best-selling sunglasses brand. Support this result is the Ray-Ban consistently high quality and elegant design. Ray-Ban glasses to glass-based, strong shading effect, one hundred percent of all lenses are able to block harmful ultraviolet rays, infrared rays while filtering harmful rays. Now use the polarizing film technology makes the light to reduce the damage to the eyes of many. Ray Ban frame design and manufacturing is also good, no matter under what circumstances, can make people comfortable to wear.